Flint Creek Valley Days 2016

Another weekend filled with class reunions, 5K and 1 mile fun runs and the parade on Saturday as well as the car show on Sunday is in the books.

I participated in the parade on Saturday, riding in the EXIT Realty smart car which was also used as a water station for the 5K run.  It was, I believe a large parade this year, when you are in the line up one doesn’t really see the goings on.

I couldn’t take the heat and went home as soon as I did my parade gig.  I really didn’t recognize many locals along the parade route, and there were plenty of folks watching.  I’m feeling like more of a stranger in my home town everyday.

Sunday I did manage to make an appearance, only because a friend that I sold property to 10 years ago, was passing through. We had lunch and about 2 hours of catching up. As we leaned against a car on the street, a couple whom I had attended their wedding in the Netherlands 20 years ago “found me”. I was very happy to get to see them and their 2 teenage sons.  All in all it was a good thing that I went into Philipsburg on that hot July day. Promising to come visit Jim in Red Lodge sometime and Esther in Holland as well.  I really pray I can do both.


The Latest & Legacy of Broadway

Two grocery stores, Huffmans and Town Grocery, two drug stores, Does and Larsons, Philipsburg Hardware, The Clothes Mart, Post Office 59858, Chris’s Speed Wash, Midget Cafe and five bars, oh my. How can I forget The Philipsburg Mail, Sweet Palace (Petes), Neals Photography and Flint Creek Valley Bank.

I am sure I have missed several like Winninghoff Motors, Tommies Barber Shop and…help me out PBurgers.  Of course the State Liquor store, Montana Power and Hansen Beauty Shop.  Even Merrill K. Riddick world headquarters had a Broadway address.


image 9