Flint Creek Valley Days 2016

Another weekend filled with class reunions, 5K and 1 mile fun runs and the parade on Saturday as well as the car show on Sunday is in the books.

I participated in the parade on Saturday, riding in the EXIT Realty smart car which was also used as a water station for the 5K run.  It was, I believe a large parade this year, when you are in the line up one doesn’t really see the goings on.

I couldn’t take the heat and went home as soon as I did my parade gig.  I really didn’t recognize many locals along the parade route, and there were plenty of folks watching.  I’m feeling like more of a stranger in my home town everyday.

Sunday I did manage to make an appearance, only because a friend that I sold property to 10 years ago, was passing through. We had lunch and about 2 hours of catching up. As we leaned against a car on the street, a couple whom I had attended their wedding in the Netherlands 20 years ago “found me”. I was very happy to get to see them and their 2 teenage sons.  All in all it was a good thing that I went into Philipsburg on that hot July day. Promising to come visit Jim in Red Lodge sometime and Esther in Holland as well.  I really pray I can do both.


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