The Latest & Legacy of Broadway

Two grocery stores, Huffmans and Town Grocery, two drug stores, Does and Larsons, Philipsburg Hardware, The Clothes Mart, Post Office 59858, Chris’s Speed Wash, Midget Cafe and five bars, oh my. How can I forget The Philipsburg Mail, Sweet Palace (Petes), Neals Photography and Flint Creek Valley Bank.

I am sure I have missed several like Winninghoff Motors, Tommies Barber Shop and…help me out PBurgers.  Of course the State Liquor store, Montana Power and Hansen Beauty Shop.  Even Merrill K. Riddick world headquarters had a Broadway address.


image 9



One thought on “The Latest & Legacy of Broadway”

  1. The Clothes Mart and the bowling alley above the Antlers bar. The corner Mortuary and sawmills employing men with good paying jobs…and the mines…

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